1.  Introduction

Landrule respects your privacy, and is providing this Privacy Policy to let you know what we do with the information that we collect. This Privacy Policy will govern both your use of the Site and the Application (“App”).  Your privacy rights when using Landrule are listed in this Privacy Policy, however you may also be bound by the Google Privacy Policy which you can find via your mobile phone. 

2.  Your Information

As a condition of using certain features of Landrule, you may be required to provide us with certain information, such as your name, e-mail address, username, password, or Facebook ID.  This, and other information about you, is defined as “personal information” for the purposes of our Privacy Policy. 

Your username, as well as anything you do inside the multiplayer part of the game, may be viewable by others.  You can reasonably expect others to remember who you are, especially if you act like a jerk while playing.   We use the information you provide to help us identify and verify you, to enhance or improve your user experience, to enhance or improve our App, and to send emails about our App or respond to inquiries. 

Our App also may also collect certain information about your use of our App, but is limited.  We are able to see user stats, query data, usage data, multiplayer data, and interactions with others.    Any of this type of data that is collected is anonymized.   

3.  Securing Your Account

You must never share your account information with any other person.  If your Landrule account, or the mobile device you use Landrule on account, becomes compromised, you should immediately change the login. You will be responsible for any loss or damages that occurs as a result of your account being compromised, whether or not it was your fault. 

4. Cookies

We may use cookies which will help us to determine your preferences, distinguish you amongst other users (because you’re special to us), and to help maintain your account’s integrity.  Therefore, the use of cookies is mandatory in order to use Landrule , and you must accept this as a condition of accessing and using our Site and App.

5.  APIs

We use Google Analytics, which uses “cookies” to report information back to us about your use of our Site and App.  We use this information to compile reports about activity on our site and app so that we may better optimize it for your use.  In addition to our use, Google may also use this information to process its own data.   By using this website and app, you give your consent to Google to process the data it collects about you in the way previously described and for the purpose previously specified. 

We also may allow you use to connect to the multiplayer portion of our Site and App using Facebook.  In doing so you will be granting certain permissions and we are allowed to collect this information. 

6.  Data Storage

We endeavor to keep your personal information secure, and we will only share it to the extent that is authorized by this Privacy Policy or necessary to maintain our operations. We use a third party to provide us with assistance with our Site and App, and we try to ensure that we only use reputable third parties.  We value our reputation as a secure business and will never do anything that we think would harm it.

8.  Law Enforcement

We may choose to disclose your personal information if we believe it is reasonable to do so in order to protect persons or property, assist law enforcement in a bona fide investigation into allegations of illegal activity, or protect the rights of third parties, such as people whose intellectual property has been infringed on.


We comply fully with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.  We do not allow any users under the age of thirteen to use our service.  However, if you become aware of the existence of a user who is under the age of thirteen, please contact us immediately at with full details.  Include as much information as possible, including why you believe that the person is under thirteen.

If you have been reported as being below thirteen by another person, we may request a copy of your photo ID as a condition of your continued use of our service.

10.  California Online Privacy Protection Act

Landrule complies fully with California’s online privacy legislation.  We don’t disclose your personal information unless it is for a purpose described in this Privacy Policy or you have specifically opted in to do so.  If you have any questions about how we collect, use, or disclose your information, please contact

11.  Amendments

We may change our Privacy Policy from time to time.  Therefore, we encourage you to visit our “Privacy Policy” page frequently to ensure that you are aware of the current version in effect.  We may also e-mail you to notify of changes, though we are not required to do so.  The fact that you were not notified by e-mail of a change in the Privacy Policy will not affect the validity of that change, so you should be sure to check the Privacy Policy each time you visit our Site and App.


12.  International Privacy Issues

Our Site and App are intended to target U.S. based users.  However, others may access or download our App from other countries, or host the App on a Site that is located in another country including the EU.  If you are from a country that prohibits the collection of data please notify us immediately.